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Your poems are so beautiful and relatable. ❤️

aw, thank you so much! this means a lot <3

tigerblooded asked :
Your poem 5 Summers from Now is so beautiful and so relevant to my life right now, it really hit hard for me. Thank you for sharing it!


i’m so glad you found it relevant to your life, this really makes me happy! 

glad you liked it! xx

5 summers from now
there will be another guy
who will be wrapping his hands
around my waist.

And he’ll ask me
if I have been in love.
I will smile and look into his eyes
and tell him how I have never felt
this way before.
But I won’t be able to say
that 5 summers ago,
there was someone who
made everyday seem like
mid spring, and how he
made me see blossoming flowers
in mid winter.

And he’ll leave soft kisses on me,
and tell me i’m his world.
And i’ll effortlessly say it back,
but I won’t be able to say that
5 summers ago someone else
was my entire universe.

And my apartment will have
little specks of him all over ,
but I won’t be able to tell him
about the little smudged off specks
of you in my heart.

—" 5 Summers from Now by Dia T. (via cared)


promises you need to make “ by Dia T. ( 3/10 )


promises you need to make “ by Dia T. ( 2/10 )


" promises you need to make ” by Dia T.  ( 1/10 parts )

I know you want to break me down,
and I know you want to take the crown.
But I won’t let that happen.
Because the things I deserved,
you took from me.
Now it’s time for a little payback time, maybe.

I know you want to see me break,
and I know you want my world to shake.
But I won’t let that happen.
Because things have been going downhill for me,
but the world looks best from down here, baby.

I know you want to see me crawl
on the floor and see me fall.
But I won’t let that happen.
Because I know what the earth is like
and now I wish to see the sky.

I know you wish to drown me in,
for me to keep down my chin.
But I won’t let that happen.
Because you have forever kept me underwater,
but I have now learnt to swim.

 I won’t let that happen by Dia T. (via cared)
jonaswpoetry asked :
Hey! I loved your poem 'I am the limitless sky,' and just wanted to tell you so. Keep up the excellently poetically articulate work.


This really means a lot to me! Thank you so much, things like this keep me motivated! xx

I like my paper with coffee stains
and I like things that fade
rather than remain.

I am too imperfect
to look for perfect things,
but that doesn’t matter
as long as I can see
the perfection in those imperfections.

I like writing with ball point pens,
not those fancy inks.
And I like my coffee cold
because warm is too comforting
and I don’t need comfort,
I need exposure.

I prefer rain over sunshine
but that doesn’t mean
that I don’t like the clear sky.

I like the taste of things in between
sweet and bitter.
because that is what life throws at me.

I need not see the sun
to know the mark of a new start.
And I need not see the moon
to know the end of the day.

And I can’t sit with my hands crossed,
and I can’t walk on a boring straight path.

I can’t stare at the ground
for continuous hours,
when I know there is
the limitless sky above.

—Dia T. - " I am the limitless sky. " (via cared)
hi! i just wanted to tell you that i love you writing so much. you have things that are perfect for all different situations. I have some of your work printed out in my room and on binders too keep me from going insane, hahaha. but I honestly love what you write, it's amazing. (i hope i don't sound creepy right now) so thank you for finding a way to write what i need to hear to keep me hanging on, you truly have a gift xx


Oh my god, this is insane! I never thought someone would like my writing so much, I’m honestly so touched by this!

I love you to death and I’m literally not sure what to say haha, it’s an immense pleasure to know that someone appreciates my work so much!

This is really shocking for me haha, thank you!